Shia The Last Man In 2010?

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He may not have won your hearts as Mutt in this summer's Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, but Shia LeBeouf is still trying to make you fall in love with his dubious charms, even if he has to be the last man on Earth for it to happen. And, apparently, that's exactly what we're going to see in the summer of 2010, according to Y The Last Man director DJ Caruso.


Talking to /Film, Caruso said that Warner Bros, the new owners of the rights to Brian K. Vaughan's Vertigo series about the death of the male gender and what happens afterwards, is very excited about the potential of the concept:

What happened is New Line [which optioned the comic] is now part of Warner Bros, and Warner Bros is now really high on the project. And Carl Ellsworth will probably be handing in a script to Warner Bros/New Line [real soon]... Warner Bros keeps saying ‘We need movies for 2010′ I'm like ‘We're the movie!'

And, as we've reported before, Shia LeBeouf is still on track to play sole male survivor Yorick Brown:

I was talking to Shia [LaBeouf] about this yesterday when we were looping him, because he really wants to do it as well, I would like to prep this movie in October, and start shooting it by January... [Shia] wants to do it, I want to do it. I think we just need to worry about him being exhausted, so I told him, if I prep it in the fall and we start in January, that's a nice big break.

As much as I may not be convinced by Shia in general, I have to admit that I think that he might work in the role, and find myself hoping that this project doesn't disappear into development hell as soon as we get our first adapted-from-a-comic bomb.

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Jack B. Quick

Yeah, hate to admit it, but I, too, think he'd fit. And I don't dislike him as much as I don't... really care so much about him. This project might change that though. I love the comic book, it's one of the best books I've read, and it'd be really great to get a good adaptation of it. Now, I don't think this project is comparable to the likes of Spider-Man or Watchmen - more like Road to Perdition, or other such more realistic comics with a really profound story, which have a tendency to be better than most straight-up superhero stuff - at least before 2008.

Also glad it's about a deadly virus, so it's SF enough for io9 to write about it! :-)