NASA teams up with Mattel to create Mars Explorer Barbie

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The Red Planet is about to get a lot more pink (sorry, couldn't resist). Introducing Mars Explorer Barbie, a new spacesuited version of the famous fashion doll that was launched this week to commemorate the first anniversary of NASA's Curiosity rover landing on Mars.

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The new Barbie is packaged with a cardboard cutout of Curiosity — which appears to have been given some pink highlights.

"Ready to add her signature pink splash to the 'red planet,' [the] Barbie doll is outfitted in a stylish spacesuit with pink reflective accents, helmet, space pack and signature pink space boots," wrote Mattel in a statement.

This new Barbie will represent the 2013 "Career of the Year." (Way to keep it real, Mattel)


"Adding to her resume of more than 130 careers, Mars Explorer Barbie doll inspires girls to be adventurous and to always reach for the stars!" Mattel states.

The packaging art also includes a list of facts about the history of American women space explorers, plus a link to the space agency's Women@NASA website.


PopSci has some interesting tips for Barbie as she embarks upon her new career:

Better set some ground rules with Ken. According to NASA, going to Mars and back will take anywhere from one to three years. (At least until the space agency gets its warp drive up and running.)...

...Space travel can really mess with your beauty sleep. We already know that astronauts average about two fewer hours a day than they would on Earth. And scientists suspect that the human body may respond differently to the yellowish-brown daylight on Mars than it does to the blue-green wavelengths on Earth. Long story short: Ambien is your friend...

...Women are more susceptible to muscle atrophy in space than men are, losing as much as 2 percent of their muscle mass each week. And bone density will also drop about 1 percent a month — that's 10 times the rate during menopause. Try a spaceathlon to slow these effects.


Oh, and here's how she'll have to wash her hair while en route:

Images: Thomas Payne/Mattel.


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Cat VonAwesome

She's still a little sparkly but that is a definite, big step up from the Astronaut Barbie I had in the early 80's. You can't see in the pic, but those boots have heels. *face/palm*