Martin Freeman has spilled the beans about the triumphant return of Sherlock, and thank goodness. Too long have we gone without our Benedict Cumberbatch snark. And in even better news it sounds like the series will be making their first Christmas special as well.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Freeman revealed that the gang would all be reuniting for a special that will hopefully run "for next Christmas," and it would most likely be for an actual Christmas special. Which isn't a huge surprise, as Moffat loves doing the Doctor Who special — why not another holiday show to get people revved up?


Freeman also confirmed that Watson's on-screen wife (and his partner in real life) would be returning to the series, "for the foreseeable future." Which is great; her character has been used pretty well but we'd like to see even more of her next year. Deadline also confirmed that after the 2015 Christmas special the series would return with another short season (three episodes) in 2016. Can't wait!

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