Sherlock meets The Doctor in the beyond impressive mash-up Wholock

Do you like Doctor Who? Sherlock? Things that are awesome? Then you simple must watch Wholock, a fan-made mash-up so amazing that you will swear that someone must actually have filmed Benedict Cumberbatch standing in the TARDIS, acting opposite Matt Smith.


There are a few shots where the characters' lines of sight don't exactly match-up, but the editing is so amazing, both in the chosen dialogue and the composition of Cumberbatch into the Doctor Who footage, that it seems almost petty to point out such a small problem in something otherwise so flawlessly executed. Sorry, other Doctor Who/Sherlock masher-uppers, the bar has just been raised.

It's also worth noting that the sexual tension between the two characters is, of course, palpable. Somehow I doubt that was entirely an unintended effect.


James Whitbrook

I tend to be a bit wary of mashups like these, since it never usually works, but this... absolutely brilliant work. You can see it falter here and there, but it's never enough to take you out of the moment. Remarkable!