Sheriff Steve Rogers Will Lead 1872, Marvel's New Wild West Comic

Secret Wars has already mashed up old Marvel stories, new tales and the return of a few favorites in its Battleworld saga— but now it's heading to 19th century America with 1872, a new comic that re-imagines Marvel heroes as citizens of the Wild West.

The new series, written by Gerry Duggan with art by Evan Shaner, sees a portion of Secret Wars' Battleworld (the new mish-mash planet of various Marvel continuities that will eventually form a new Marvel Universe) given over to an alternate 19th century America, and will follow the adventures of Steve Rogers, sheriff of a small town named Timely. Only three other Marvel characters have been revealed so far for the cast: Bruce Banner (who is of course peddling some green-ish mystery elixir), Tony Stark and Wilson Fisk. Check out some character art for Steve and Fisk below:


You can see more character art of Bruce and his little bottle of elixir, and Tony as a blacksmith over at A.V. Club. I kind of like that even in an alternate Universe, Kingpin still looks exactly like Kingpin, because why not?

Judging by the ominous cover released in the announcement, our Wild West heroes might not make it through the series, but hopefully we'll see a few more cowboy takes on Marvel heroes in the series when it hits this May. Old-timey photographer Peter Parker? Cowgirl Black Widow?

Suddenly I want to see what a Wild West Carol Danvers would be like, and I want to see it right now.


[Via The Mary Sue]

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