She'll Be Back: Terminator Renewed?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has won a second season, sources are claiming. We may actually get some resolution on some of the questions that have been nagging us since the show's first season ended abruptly. Now if only Fox gets out a DVD box set this summer, so you can start converting your friends (it's already available on Amazon Unboxed.) Click through for our list of unanswered Terminator TV questions.


Just off the top of my head, here are some issues left hanging after Sarah Connor's truncated season:

  • What was in that basement room, with the spooky piano music, where Derek and the other future resistance fighter prisoners were being dragged?
  • Is Summer Glau really on our side? Is her mission really to protect John Connor, or is it something orthogonal?
  • Are Sarah Connor and Derek going to get together, if she keeps marching in on him in the shower?
  • Will the FBI believe Agent Ellison's explanation of how his entire squad got slaughtered and he survived?
  • Will the faux-FBI Terminator have to get another new face, if he becomes the subject of a full-scale manhunt? (I can't quite bring myself to call him "Cromartie" based on him using that name once.)
  • How exactly does a chess-playing computer get to become a military A.I. that destroys the world anyway? And how many proto-Skynets are there in the world exactly?

That's all I can think of for now. What am I missing? [SpoilerTV]

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