Sheldon From Big Bang Theory Is An Alien Who Learns To Dance, In Home

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Here's the brand new trailer for Home, the Dreamworks Animation version of that super-popular kids' book, The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex. And this film is looking pretty adorable thus far. Jim Parsons is a dorky alien who hides out on Earth, and befriends a human girl (Rihanna).


Thus far, this film doesn't quite have the same amount of personality as Despicable Me, but it definitely has a lot of charm. Steve Martin is voicing the leader of the alien Boov, who want to take over the world, and Jennifer Lopez is Rihanna's mom. This film was supposed to be out about now, but has been pushed back to March 2015, and hopefully that'll give it a chance to get on people's radars a bit more.

Here's the new trailer, via Yahoo:

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Even if this ends up being good (and I have very mixed feelings — was very excited when it was announced, but they keep making bad decisions, like the stupid title change), it won't be as good as the book. Seriously, do yourselves a favor and read it. It's great fun.

In the book, the alien is named J-Lo. I find it kind of annoying that they changed this when the real J-Lo is in the movie! Also, Rihanna is insanely miscast. Tip is a little girl; she should not sound like a smoky-voiced 30-something. They didn't even pitch it up or anything!