Shea Fontana Will Write the Wonder Woman Comic After Greg Rucka

Image: DC Comics
Image: DC Comics

Greg Rucka’s time with Diana is coming to a close (again). But while Rucka is moving on from Paradise Island, a new writer is already in place to guide Diana’s new life: DC Superhero Girls writer Shea Fontana.


Rucka announced his departure from the series after Wonder Woman #25 on his personal Tumblr yesterday, but today The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that, for at least five issues after his departure, Fontana—who not only writes for the animated, female-focused series DC Superhero Girls, but its accompanying graphic novels and comics—will continue on as writer for Wonder Woman’s twice-monthly series, with Mirka Andolfo on art for the first two issues. It’s yet to be confirmed if Fontana will continue on beyond the five she is contracted for initially, but the writer has confirmed her work on DC Superhero Girls will continue alongside her time on Wonder Woman.

Rucka’s exit will wrap up his ongoing re-tweak and exploration of Diana’s origins in the Rebirth universe, which has been trying to address the reasons why her story has been altered and played with so many times over the years. Rucka’s final issues will tie that story together, leaving a clean slate for Fontana and Andolfo to carry Diana into her comics future.

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Women writing and drawing Wonder Woman? The devil you say!

I have been enjoying the new comics but looking forward to a change. I hope they actually explore Wondy being queer at somepoint in mainstream comics and not just say it.