She-Ra Season 3 Is Coming This Summer and It's Bringing Geena Davis With It

She-Ra and Huntara.
She-Ra and Huntara.
Image: Netflix

Adora and the forces of Brightmoon have spent the past two seasons of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power making Catra, Shadow Weaver, and all the rest of Hordak’s forces in the Fright Zone look like chumps, but when the show returns for its third season this summer, the legendary warrior’s set to face her most formidable foe yet.


Netflix has just revealed that during a conversation with Geena Davis at the Bentonville Film Festival earlier today, She-Ra executive producer Noelle Stevenson announced that the series’ third season will premiere August 2 and that Davis will be joining the cast as Huntara, a classic villain from the classic She-Ra cartoon. Originally, Huntara was recruited by Hordak to defeat She-Ra after the evil ruler came to the conclusion that none of his other underlings were up to snuff.

Given how Catra’s fallen out of favor with Hordak in addition to letting Shadow Weaver escape his clutches, it makes sense that he would be considering bringing Huntara into the fold. But if Huntara’s character in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is anything like her original incarnation, her arrival might end up changing the course of the war in ways Hordak doesn’t expect.

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Matthew Catania


So the next batch is officially season 3 not 2.5 despite season 2 feeling incomplete?