She-Ra’s Explosive Final Season Trailer Brings the War to End All Wars to Etheria

“Hello, Adora.”
“Hello, Adora.”
Image: Netflix
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It’s time for Catra and Adora to face off once and for all—this time with more than just their former friendship at stake, but all of Etheria and the universe beyond it.

Dreamworks and Netflix have just dropped our first look at the fifth and final season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which will see our heroes come together one last time for the Rebellion to rise against the interstellar onslaught of not just Hordak, but Horde Prime itself.

You guys, they dramatic slow-remixed their own theme song and put it in the trailer. That’s the flex to end all flexes. AJ Michalka’s (who is, of course, also the voice of Catra herself) cover will be available on the show’s soundtrack, alongside Sunna Wehrmeijer’s original score, which will drop May 8.


But besides all that, there is so much packed into this tiny glimpse. Adora’s crisis over her future, princesses in peril, and more sci-fi action than you could shake a broken sword of power at. It’s a lot, as it should be with an entire universe at stake.

The Princesses of Power stand together one last time when She-Ra returns to Netflix May 15.

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I didn’t spot a single sign of regular Hordak. And only a couple blink-and-you’ll-miss-it chunks of Entrapta. I very honestly hope this doesn’t mean Hordak got shelved, or worse, turned into one of those no-personality Hordaklones.