Shazam Gets Ready for His Lego Debut in This Trailer for Shazam! Magic and Monsters

Shazam is ready.
Shazam is ready.
Image: Warner Bros.
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Shazam, who, after years, I still call Captain Marvel, is an excellent fit for the wacky world of Legos. Now, after some teases, he’s ready to make his full debut in the DC Lego universe, bringing his friends and his youthful joy de vivre along with him.


This time, young Billy Batson (Sean Astin) is joining the Justice League, which is always a cultural conflict no matter what version of the DC Universe we’re talking about. How is Shazam, the paragon of idealistic childlike heroism, supposed to hang out with Batman and Green Arrow without a bit of friction? Well, all of them turning into kids might be helpful. Courtesy of Syfy Wire, here’s a trailer.

Lego’s superhero cartoons are just overwhelmingly pleasant, and the tone here is just spot on. With the on-screen universe of heroes like Batman maintaining its dark tone for the foreseeable future, being able to see heroes like hat in this form, transformed into children and led by the suddenly oldest-in-the-room Shazam, is exactly what I want from my superhero fiction.

Shazam! Magic and Monsters comes to digital and Blu-ray Spring 2020.

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Shazam, who, after years, I still call Captain Marvel,”

I will always and forever call him Captain Marvel.