Shawna Trpcic, Firefly's Costume Designer, Is Here to Answer Your Questions!

Illustration for article titled Shawna Trpcic, emFireflys/em Costume Designer, Is Here to Answer Your Questions!

Just in time for Halloween, Shawna Trpcic — the woman behind the amazing and enviable threads worn in Firefly, Angel, Dr. Horrible, The Cabin in the Woods, Power Rangers, and many, many more — is here to answer your questions about dressing up and getting costumed!

Ask her questions about crafting a look for your favorite Joss Whedon series, the ins and outs of costume design, or just for her advice on how to pull off the perfect Halloween costume. She'll be joining us from 12 - 1 pm (PDT) today, so start submitting your questions in the comments now!

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It has to be asked.

Are you responsible for this? Did you think it'd be as popular as it is? Tell us more! :D

(Also, just a sidenote of appreciation: I have always loved the costume designs for Firefly, from the dresses to the suits. Amazing designs, very pretty. Especially the dress that Kaylee gets to wear to the dance)