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We're due for a new audience participation stage show that's a bloody good time. Enter Shaun of the Dead Live! As you can see from this stage play trailer, this adaptation is adorable. And it's made with the blessing of Simon Pegg!


Created by Almost Legal Productions, Shaun of the Dead Live has Queen singsongs, record tossing and many shout-out-loud moments. It feels like Rocky Horror, butwith less singing and more zombies. We love it.

According to Chortle, Pegg gave the stage play the thumbs up:

"Director Chas Burns says he got permission for the new show simply by asking Simon Pegg's assistant. She contacted Working Title and Universal Pictures to gain the rights on the company's behalf – and eventually they said yes."


The actor even tweeted a the company good luck.

Love it when the makers get involved in great fan works. Even if it's just to throw their support.

Alas, so far there are only plans for this event in the UK, but hey, they could always pack it up and throw a grand premiere at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. Just throwing it out there, because I want to see it.


[Via Slashfilm]

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