Sharlto Copley is starring in the first ever R-rated "POV" action movie

Yes, that's right. Sharlto Copley's next movie, Hardcore, will be like a First Person Shooter in movie form. We think. It'll be the first ever "POV action adventure film," according to director Ilya Naishuller.


This science fiction action movie is about a cyborg created in a secret Moscow laboratory, who searches for the girl he loved when he was human. And it's going to be bloody and insane, as only producer Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted, Night Watch) can bring it.

Naishuller explains to the Hollywood Reporter:

We have a very interesting mix. We have wild action, we have lots of stunts that haven’t been done before, and we have a strong story... In line with the title, this will be a very hardcore film, R-rated. It’s going to be an absolutely male film.


Naishuller previously directed the music video for the song "Bad Motherfucker" by his band Biting Elbows (see video up top), and he's basically adapting that dizziness-inducing style to this movie. So, pack some Dramamine, I guess. [THR]

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Craig Michael Ranapia

It’s going to be an absolutely male film.

Well, guess that's going to plug a gaping hole in the cinematic landscape we've all been yearning to see filled for years.