Sharks And Cats Combine To Form The Most Adorably Terrifying Creatures

On the list of questions we've never thought to ask ourselves is what kind of critter you'd get if you crossed cats with various species of sharks. Fortunately, artist Brynn Metheney has asked and answered that question with these marvelous shark-cat creations.

Full disclosure: Metheney is a personal friend. She also happens to be a kick-ass artist who does a lot of illustration work for books, RPGs, and Magic: The Gathering.


Metheney is selling these delightful mutants in the form of a 2015 desk calendar, which you can buy from her store. You can also check out the entire Sharkcats series at her website.

Up top is her Mako Shark Cat.

Below is her Basking Shark Cat:

And her Blue Shark Cat:


And her Lemon Cat:


And her obese Great White Shark Cat:


[via Tor]

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