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Sharklumbo Is the Detective We Didn't Know We Needed

Illustration for article titled emSharklumbo/em Is the Detective We Didnt Know We Needed

Funny Or Die's contribution to the general shark madness that this week brings is Sharklumbo, which, they explain, "Is a shark and it's also Peter Falk as Columbo." You know what? The Asylum's Sharknado 2: The Second One was similar overexplanation.

Kevin Pollack's Peter Falk impression makes this whole thing work. Also, this take on Columbo's classic "One more thing" bit is spot on. I guess it might be NSFW if you don't like extremely poor CGI violence.


SHARKLUMBO with Gina Gershon and Kevin Pollak from Funny Or Die

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The thing I hate about Sharklumbo is that they show you the killer doing the murder (of whatever this weeks crime is) at the start of every episode, now I agree that it's cool to see Sharklumbo working the case (and eating people) but honestly I want to be part of the mystery too. I know, it's probably just a small quibble and there are lots of police/invertebrate procedurals that do it the other way but it still irks me.