Whenever someone urges you to do something dumb in the name of science, it's always a good idea to stop and ponder. That's the important takeaway message in this clip from 1983's Brainstorm, the second movie from Silent Running director Douglas Trumbull. Scientists invent a new method for recording experiences, thoughts and even sensations, for later playback. So of course one of the first uses someone puts it to is seducing a blonde in a stripey polo shirt, so every sleazebag around the office can share in her connubial experience. (Clip is probably work-safe, although the guys are very skeezy.)

The recordings get weirder and more invasive, until there's a scene where head scientist Christopher Walken views a tape called "psychotic episode," which comes with a very sober danger warning from a government official. I can think of few people I'd want to have experiencing a recorded psychotic episode than Walken. But luckily, he seems just the same afterwards.