Share Doctor Who memories... and give to alzheimer's research

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This is a really neat idea. The book Behind the Sofa collects celebrities' memories of the Doctor Who moments that scared them most. And it's raising money for Alzheimers Research UK. The 100 celebrities who've contributed include:

Comedians Al Murray, Stephen Merchant, and Bill Oddie; actors Lynda Bellingham, Nicholas Parsons, and Rhys Thomas; writers Neil Gaiman, Jenny Colgan, Jonathan Ross and Charlie Brooker and politicians Louise Mensch and Tom Harris. In addition, there is input from a number of the writers, actors and production staff who were involved in creating Doctor Who stories new and old.


As the book's webpage quotes Peter Davison's Doctor saying in "The Five Doctors": "A man is the sum of his memories. A Time Lord even more so..." [Behind the Sofa, via Independent]

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"Behind the Sofa" is a really common thing tossed around by Whovians, isn't it? I never really noticed until today all the actors that talk about "hiding behind the sofa" whenever Daleks showed up in the classic run.