Shanghai's robotic lightsaber battles are very lovely this time of year

Japan's Yaskawa Corporation is a firm whose starry-eyed goal is to arm robots with laser swords. After teaching their Motoman robots to dance with lightsabers, Yaskawa has now taught two robotic arms to duel Jedi-style.


This video comes was shot at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation currently going on in Shanghai (where you can also meet some cyberbabies). Will this end well for us? Goodness no, but let's enjoy the ride.


[Yaskawa via IEEE Spectrum]

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Ok, you all are seriously jaded, how was that not totally awesome? Robot arms, lightsaber fighting, twirly goodness, what's not to love? As for sound effects, um, IMAGINATION is really the way to go here. I mean, how can you watch two lightsabers clashing and not just fill in the sounds yourself?

So cool. thanks for the post!