Shadowhunters' Only Reasonable Character is Magnus the Snazzy Warlock

Illustration for article titled Shadowhunters' Only Reasonable Character is Magnus the Snazzy Warlock

Shadowhunters’ second episode, “The Descent Into Hell Isn’t Easy,” saw Clary and company making multiple attempts to jog her memories and hopefully get closer to saving her mother and the world. But the only character who seems to have a brain on this show is the one who wiped Clary’s mind in the first place.


Ok, we’re also pretty fond of Isabelle Lightwood, the sultry Shadowhunter who kicks ass in sky-high heels and also seems to be a genuinely nice person. But based on the first two episodes, sarcastic warlock Magnus Bane is the one character we’d like to have in our corner during a crisis. When he realizes that the evil Valentine is looking to get revenge on the warlock that helped Clary’s mother slip into a self-induced coma, he immediately takes action to help everyone get to a safe place. “It’s our only choice until we know what Valentine is up to,” he tells the dubious Dot. “Valentine can’t kill what he can’t find.”

Of course, this wonderfully practical “hide until things chill out” plan goes exactly against the “dither around, argue, and put innocent people at risk” strategy that everyone else on Shadowhunters seems to favor. So look for Magnus—who, in addition to having tons of problem-solving magic tricks at his fingertips, also has an awesomely bitchy sense of humor—to be yanked back into action soon.


In addition to Magnus being one of the best characters in the books, I love that he’s played by the wonderful Harry Shum, Jr. They just need to figure out a way for Magnus to have at least one dancing scene each episode.