Shadowhunters Just Dropped Its Biggest Bombshell Yet

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Shadowhunters’ first season wraps up April 5, and with the Mortal Cup already in hand, the show has ramped up the personal drama as the mission to take down Valentine continues. In “Blood Calls to Blood,” Jace and Clary endured a series of revelations that culminated in the show’s most shocking moment so far.

Spoilers, duh.

These revelations were:

  • Jace’s father, thought to be dead for 10 years, has been alive all this time as Valentine’s prisoner. OMG! Happiness!
  • Jace’s father isn’t actually Jace’s father, he’s Valentine in disguise. OMG! Horror!
  • And that wasn’t just a clever, one-off trick for this episode: Jace actually spent his early childhood being raised by a man he never realized was Valentine-in-disguise. OMG! Anger!
  • Valentine is Jace’s biological father. OMG! Incest?

As the Shadow World’s hottest new couple ponders the sudden icky turn their relationship has taken (and Simon, of course, rejoices), all would do well to consider the source. Valentine is clearly not to be trusted, and there’s sure to be another twist in this story. Shadowhunters has spent a huge portion of its bandwidth building up the Clary-Jace romance—including this week’s heavily suggested off-camera sex scene—and this latest speed bump is yet another reminder of how soapy this show really is.

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