Simon’s been mooning over Clary since before Shadowhunters began—they’ve been friends their entire lives. (Emphasis on friends.) But until last week, we never realized how deeply Alec felt for Jace. Lingering awkwardness led to the below heart-to-heart ’twixt bros on last night’s “Moo Shu To Go.”

Don’t feel too bad for Alec, though; he has his own ardent admirer in Magnus. And of course, there are even more crushes at play on this show, which is cast almost exclusively with outlandishly good-looking people who can’t stop checking each other out. Jace and Clary are OBVIOUSLY going to share a smooch eventually, though Shadowhunters would do well to milk the tension between those two (who’d be insanely dull otherwise) as long as possible.


Top image: Freeform/Sven Frenzel