Shadowhunters' Crabbiest Character Now Has a Reason to Lighten the Hell Up

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Very little hell was raised on “Raising Hell,” and we’re no closer to finding that goddamn Mortal Cup. But we did learn why Alec is so miffed by Clary, and it’s not because she’s been leading the Shadowhunters crew on a wild goose chase after her memories for the past four episodes. Nope. It’s because he’s jealous!


In a typically ludicrous episode that saw Izzy donning a sequined minidress to infiltrate a “Downworld Rave,” the somber summoning of a “memory demon” that made us miss the goofiness of Ash vs. Evil Dead, and the frequent use of the word “lair” to describe a safe house, there was a teeny bit of character advancement. Seems Alec pines for his “parabatai,” his bound-for-life fighting partner, who is also his adopted brother, Jace. No wonder Alec is so bitchy whenever Clary’s around.

Since no Shadowhunter except for Izzy seems to care about getting laid, it would seem that Alec’s sexuality isn’t something the group has ever discussed (it’s unclear if he himself has explored his own preferences). But good ol’ Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn—whose tastes “are both exquisite and quite excessive” (wink, wink)—knows instantly, and they share a cute, awkward moment that leaves both a little googly-eyed. Hopefully the show will follow the lead of the books and get these two together, because sullen Alec is getting pretty tiresome.


Top image: Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane on Shadowhunters. (Freeform/Sven Frenzel)

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Really? there is an article on this crap? Yet I haven’t seen one mention of The Expanse, which was fucking great. Shame on you Io9.