SGU's Female Lieutenant Responds To Sexism-Gate

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Actress Julia Benson just started blogging and Twittering, and she addresses the uproar surrounding Stargate Universe's last episode, which many claim went a little nuts with the breast happy camera angles, "for all the talk about my natural (and believe me they are 100%) assets I promise you that there is much more to my character. Who knew that a tank top could cause such a stir. Our show is about people and people have sexuality. The creators are not exploiting it, they are exploring it. That is what writers, actors and directors do. " [JBO]

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I appreciate all the comments over this topic and wanted you to know that we take your concerns seriously.

Lt. James is a massively important character and we have humongous plans for her in the future. In the upcoming episode "Immense" Lt. James finds that two very imposing and astronomically large objects are on a collision course with Destiny. She must use her very prodigious talents in order to keep these titanic objects in check.

In another episode entitled "Colossal" Lt. James is given two very mammoth jobs on the ship. She finds she can barely hold her weight under the tremendous load.

As you can see, we have very sizeable plans for this character.


N. Otareal

Stargate Writer #stargate