SFWA Introduces New Medal Designs for Award Nominees

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The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has introduced a new set of book medallions for award winners and nominees for the Nebula and Andre Norton Awards.


The medallions, designed by Saga Editorial Director Joe Monti and designer Michael McCartney to be displayed on all works which have received the honors.


Why does this matter? The logos are an excellent way to display the award, which Monti (a former bookseller with Barnes and Noble), notes will help book sales:

“[W]inning a prestigious award always helps to sell a book. But what if the award gets announced and few know of it? The visibility of the Nebula Awards has struggled to reach a broader reading audience for years outside of the core community of science fiction and fantasy readers and professionals in the field; these medals will help change that.”

via SFWA

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So what did the old medallions look like?