Twilight's undead romance between vampire and teen already looked bad, but it looks downright spaztastic when you compare it to this intense, gothic-ghetto death scene from Candyman. One of the best horror flicks of the 1990s, Candyman is about the vengeful ghost of a black man who was brutalized and murdered when he and a white woman decided to marry. Now he haunts the Chicago projects, destroying those who don't believe in him. Told from the point of view of a white graduate student who is studying the urban legend of Candyman, the movie is a creepy and smart depiction of her deteriorating sanity - first she begins seeing Candyman, then he starts killing people around her. In this scene, they finally come together in a weird, eternal union. Ultimately we see that our heroine's been driven to madness by the way academia forced her to study everything at arm's length, never fully engaging with it. Or perhaps Candyman is actually real, reminding the city of Chicago itself not to forget about its poorest residents, abandoned in the projects, leading lives that seem like urban legends to the middle-class. Plus, bee kissing and hooks for hands and grisly undeath and horrible crimes! [Candyman via IMDB]