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Sexy Pink Transformer Obviously A Girl's Toy

Illustration for article titled Sexy Pink Transformer Obviously A Girls Toy

Transformers Live has spotted a sporty pink motor bike zipping across the Transformers 2 set in Philadelphia. Its description and color point the finger directly to Arcee, the hot lady Transformer, who's already appeared in other media and has her own toy. Perhaps now that there is a lady Transfomer, the Autobots can make out on top of Shia LaBeouf? [Transformers Live]


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That isn't actually the final design they came up with for Arcee. This version has a little more bulk on it:


I guess I'm divided on the 'simple-vs-complex' robot design issue: cleaner, more streamlined designs are much more iconic, in addition to being easier to see and animate. (This is what endeared me to the designs for 'Transformers: Animated', as well as classic designs like the VF-1 Valkyrie.) One the other hand, if you try designing robots for live-action, you can't make them simple and blocky. It just wouldn't look right, in my opinion. And if you're going for realism, a blocky robot would have much less articulation and flexibility than the sort of design you see here. (Well, as much realism as giant transforming robots can have in the first place, but you know...)