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Move over, neutered sparkle-vamps: the brooding undead detective from the I, Frankenstein comic book is getting a film. Slap on the trench, Frank. It's time to bust Mob Boss Dracula, stop for a smoke, then go ravage your hairless bride.


You may think we're kidding, but we've been jazzed for the director Patrick Tatopoulos' monster-noir film since the concept art was released, complete with the beaufont-free Bride of Frankenstein. As long as they stay more Sin City and less The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, we're down with it.


The movie, which is based on the comic books of the same name by Kevin Grevioux, has been funded by Underworld backers Lakeshore. Who are most likely looking for their next franchise of PG monster action pics. In the comics, Frank can now control his emotions and spends his days fighting supernatural jerks like Dracula, who runs the monster mob squad.

As of right now, Lakeshore is busy finishing a 4th Underworld, but with this news, things are looking up for the new monster movie. Now we're wondering, who should play Frank?

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