In the bleak future world of the year 2500, women have eliminated male aggression and taken over the world. Men's only job is to look pretty and pleasure the womenfolk in harems, as you can see from this awesome clip from Last Exit To Earth. But then these too-pretty men become sterile, and suddenly all the fun goes out of sex. Good thing there's still lava lamps. Click through for another clip. (First clip may be NSFW.)

Roger Corman produced Last Exit To Earth for Showtime in 1996, and it's about as racy as an episode of Red Shoe Diaries. (Although in the far future, women no longer have nipples.) Despite being written and directed by women, it clings pretty closely to the traditional SF storyline, where a female dominated world is really just waiting for a strong manly man to come and fix things. The women travel back to the year 2100, and collect a real man:


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