Sex toys are getting smarter

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The new movie Her imagines the future of sex with its romance between a man and his operating system. We may not be falling in love with artificial intelligences any time soon, but a new crop of twenty-first century sex toys could turn your next hookup into something like a videogame.

The Sydney Morning Herald takes a look at the future of sex with vibrators like the Limon are reaching new levels of innovation — with USB charging and a minimalist functionality that remembers how you like to get things done. And some sex toys like the Real Touch will supposedly let help you get each other off over the Internet with the help of some special equipment and a webcam. Even well-known names like Durex are getting in the game with inventions like their Fundawear. This unisex pair of underpants has vibrating nodes that you can activate over your iPhone, because yes — there's even an app for that.

As for whether or not you'll ever be able to have a romantic relationship with an AI, you only have to look at video games to see how close we are to that reality. Games like Love Plus give you a virtual girlfriend, and one man in Japan even married a character from the game back in 2009. Maybe Her isn't that far off after all.


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As a computer geek I'm a little bothered by the odd use of "operating system" when it means "AI agent".