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Sex Lives of Mutants Require Trigonometry

One of the most charming science fiction indies to come along in a while is last year's Zerophilia, the tale of a boy who discovers he has an extra Z chromosome. Unfortunately, his resulting mutant powers just confuse him: when he has an orgasm, he turns into a girl. The situation can be reversed with additional orgasms unless he has sex with another Z, in which case his gender is "locked" until the next Z-gasm. This isn't much more complicated than adolescence itself, which is the point.

In this clip, our hero Luke's female alter-ego Luca is trying to force a Z to have sex with her to "unlock" her gender and make her male again. Unfortunately, there's a dizzying combination of sexual orientations and genders involved, reducing the non-Z friend to speculating about using trigonometry to solve everything.


While Zerophilia has an occasionally bumpy script and suffers from whimsical editing, the movie is sweet and sexy enough to rise above the mess. Plus, the DVD had some great extras about how Zerophiliacs can find help and community on the Web.

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