Sex In The City Meets Werewolves, And Nobody's Safe, in "Bitches"

The next Fox dramedy series follows a foursome of New York women who are buddies by day and werewolves by night — which isn't that far from the last season of Sex In The City.

The new lady werewolf series is still in development, but the script comes from Superman Returns and X2 screenwriter Michael Dougherty.


Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts, Pushing Daisies producers, are on board to supervise Dougherty, and since it's being described as a quirky fairy tale, they seem like a great fit.

So this would be the next in the long line of werewolf projects coming out next year. What, is the mainstream public sick of Vampires already? With The Wolfman, Twilight's wolf-centric New Moon sequel and the werewolf that should be joining the pack on True Blood, werewolves are becoming the next vampires. I'm just not looking forward to the after-feasting gab session that these ladies are certain to have.

"OMG I totally bit Mark, and now I have to tell him he's going to be a werewolf but we're not talking because he bought me filler flowers for my birthday," says the annoying one.

"Who cares? Just bite around, because I'm the slutty one," says the slutty one.

"Why do you people depend on men for food anyway? I hunt NYC rats and homeless people at night, so it's not all messy," says the gay one.


"ZOMG cupcakes are totes out, doughnuts are in, my waistline can't keep up with midnight slaughters and homemade doughnuts," says other one.

Cackles fill a chic bistro in the West Village.

End Scene.

Silver bullets for everyone!

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