Sex, Drugs and Deer-Eating on Being Human

Last night's Being Human featured a lot of talk, and not a lot of supernatural walk. Until the very end. Thank goodness for that. Each character (well not really Josh, but a pair of new werewolves, so that counts) went off on a supernatural binge. Which we've happily grabbed and posted, so you can enjoy it as well. Plus werewolf cocaine? We're listening.


Super fast recap: Sally is rejected by that old spirit that keeps reliving his death everyday, for a real live lady. Aidan reveals that he used to have the vampire hots for the vampire Princess he's supposed to be protecting (cue the historical vampire mustache) and Josh meets some new friends who are werewolf pure bloods.

Then there's a lot of chatter about feelings and boys and Sally fails at helping her new "reincarnation nurse" friend flirt, but that's because she's dating her ghost ex. Meanwhile two fair-haired werewolf siblings snort wolfsbane to keep them chill. Since the kids were born wolves, they reveal that they feel like "wolfing out" during every second not spent in wolf form. They ask Josh if they can help him find a cure (hoping his discovery will teach them how to be wolfy all the time). Later on, they eat a deer.


Sally feels rejected and jumps into a lady mid-make-out looking for a little touch. Which we guess is slightly better, since the lady was already consenting, but who knows for how far she was planning to go! So, yeah not really that great either.

And finally Aidan's relationship with the Princess is revealed — he was betrayed by some guy! How terrible that guy is! The best part of this journey? Watching his vampire junkie itch set him over the edge. Which leads to murder and sex, as it always does. Let's not forget when we first met this lady Aidan mentioned something about how he stopped feeding after what "he" did to her. Is this that he?

Until next week, perhaps Aidan will finally have a binge the gets gets him into a blood orgy with Josh. Ha, bet you didn't see that coming. What? You'd like it.

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Ugh, why oh WHY do crap U.S. TV execs have to steal EVERY good British show and turn it into a total shitfest? Being Human, Skins, The Office... the list is just too long!