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Seventh grade girl builds rocket, sends Hello Kitty into the upper atmosphere

A seventh grader has made good on the dreams of middle schoolers everywhere by sending Hello Kitty into the stratosphere. According to ABC News:

Lauren Rojas, a 12-year-old from Antioch, Calif., got the idea after seeing a television commercial in which a balloon was launched into the sky. She thought she could do the same with her Hello Kitty doll. She would test air pressure and temperature at high altitude for her school's science fair.


And so she did. With these incredible results.

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Oh yay.

Another story about an "exceptional" youth doing science stuff.

...that happens to have parents who, by sheer coincidence, also are scientists, and possess the necessary tools to facilitate such activities.

It's cool that Lauren has an interest in science, or at least balloons and Hello Kitty. Yet I don't see how that's any different than a kid who is really good at building dirt bikes and whose dad is also a mechanic, or is fantastic at cooking and whose mother owns a restaurant.

You want me to give a shit about adequacy?

Show me a story where an inner city youth gets their life flipped-turned upside down, and becomes the Prince of Bel-Air.