Could Tron 2's $300 million dollar budget be the highest film budget ever? Even James Cameron's mega-budget Avatar has a smaller budget than Tron 2's reported sum. Couldn't that money be spent a little better?

Slashfilm discovered this little gem in the Vancouver Sun:

"Vancouver post-production units are salivating at the prospects presented by the Disney remake of Tron, which carries a whopping $300 million budget and opportunities aplenty for effects and digital polish."


What? Last time we checked James Cameron's Avatar isn't even that high yet. (Though I still think Cameron is low balling exactly how much he spent on his alien space epic - Time estimated in the low to mid 200 million).

If 300 mill is Tron 2's real budget, let's get ready for some ground breaking special FX, because they're certainly paying for it. In a deluge of reincarnated franchises, maybe Tron 2 is trying to stand out by hosing the production with cash. Plus, the work will have to not only surpass the 80s flick but put a futuristic spin on it too. Even though we're excited to see Jeff Bridges again, and to check out the hopefully amazing effects, we have some ideas about better ways to spend that $300 million.

How We Would Spend Tron 2's $300 Million Budget:

1. Build actual light cycles

2. Buy Wolverine nemesis Gambit 1,000 new shirts (but keep the sassy hats)


3. Construct a giant squid and roleplay the correct ending to Watchmen

4. Turn Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell into an HBO miniseries

5. Go on a drug-induced Fear And Loathing-style yacht expedition to Lost's Island and pay Michael Emerson to accompany us on the trip


6. Pay Kirsten Dunst to not sign on for Spider-Man 4 unless they rip the plot from Spider-Man Reign, where Spidey's atomic sperm kills MJ.

7. Direct io9 original movie Finding Glory.