Seth Rogen Wants Iron Man's Dad To Star In The Preacher TV Series

Illustration for article titled Seth Rogen Wants Iron Mans Dad To Star In The iPreacher/i TV Series

From cosmopolitan billionaire to small-town Texas preacher? It's not generally considered a positive move, but it may be for actor Dominic Cooper. Word is the man who plays Tony Stark's father in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Agent Carter is the top choice to star as Jesse Custer in the Preacher adaptation.


This comes from The Tracking Board, who notes Cooper hasn't officially been approached yet, so this could fall apart. But given how many British and Australian people seem to be hired to lead our live-action comic book adaptations, it seems like a good bet. And thanks to Marvel, we know Cooper does a solid American accent. I wonder how his Texan drawl is, though.

Anyways, it's not necessarily who I would have picked to play the titular preacher of Garth Ennis' hit Vertigo comic, but as long as this doesn't somehow interfere with me getting a second season of Agent Carter, it's fine by me.


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I have to be honest, I like Dominic Cooper, but I just don't see him as Jesse at all.

That said, it's a very difficult one to cast.

They should definitely cast The Undertaker from WWE as the Saint of Killers, though.