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In case you didn't know, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are making the Preacher comics into a television series for AMC. And yesterday, Rogen revealed a giant stack of "inspirational" DVDs. We like what we see.


We don't know a lot about the Preacher TV series, because it's still got a long ways to go. And that's fine — everyone slow down and take your time and to it right because Preacher is my precious. But yesterday, Rogen (who is going to write and possibly direct the series with Goldberg) tweeted this tower of DVD delights:


OK, that is a long list and at first I kind of freaked out about Friday Night Lights and The Tree of Life, but now... I can kind of see it for very different reasons and in different parts of the graphic novel. Super happy to see all the Westerns on there. Is it really lame to throw out Near Dark just for the blood and dust angle?

The only other thing we know is that Willie Nelson's "Time of the Preacher" will also possibly be the first song to play in the series (which is the song Jesse Custer is singing in his first comics appearance). It's kind of hard not to get excited about all this coming together. Fingers crossed.

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