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The saddest part of the end of the whole BluRay/HD-DVD format war isn't the ritual suicide of literally tens of Toshiba obsessives as they realize that their side was crushed by the omnivorous Sony Corporation. No, it's the fact that, no matter how cool BluRay may be, it didn't produce anything as jaw-droppingly awesome/pathetic/both as Toshiba's HD-DVD Star Trek Phaser remote control.


The remote control - produced by Toshiba in association with Paramount, to promote the HD-DVD release of the first season of Star Trek Remastered - skirts the fine line between appalling cash-in and must have; sadly, it was only available for a limited period, and even more sadly, it only worked with what has already become known as the Betamax of high definition DVD players. Check the garage sales in years to come for this one.

Toshiba Phaser Promotion for HD-DVD Release [Star]

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I got mine about a month ago. :) If I remember right, it does have some limited univeral codes, so it's no "only hd-dvd". I just pulled it out of the box to make it make a few noises, then put it back in the box. What the hell, it was almost free.