So this is weird. Even by Los Angeles standards, this is really weird. A pair of lungs has been discovered on a sidewalk on the city's southside, and officials still aren't sure where (or who/what) they came from. According to the L.A. Times:

Coroner's officials said Monday they will examine what appears to be a pair of lungs that were found on a sidewalk in South Los Angeles to determine if they belonged to a human or an animal.

Sheriff's sources familiar with the investigation said much will depend on the corner's assessment of the organs. They noted that even if they turn out to be human lungs, it will not be clear if they resulted from foul play or were discarded remains from some other source.


In what we sincerely hope was a cheeky understatement, L.A. Coroner's Office spokesman Ed Winter said he found the situation "a little strange."

We'd love to have a talk with Mr. Winter about where the line between "a little strange" and "mind-bogglingly weird" is drawn. I mean seriously, what the hell happened here? Is this a case of repositioned roadkill? A black market organ deal gone wrong? Did something fly out the back of a butcher truck? Whatever it is, we're damn curious; but it sounds like there's a good chance we'll never know for sure.


UPDATE: The LA Times reports that the lungs are of animal origin:

Coroner's Lt. Fred Corral said an exam was performed Tuesday morning and it was not clear what kind of animal the lungs came from. He did confirm, however, that the organs were lungs.

"They're not of forensic value," Corral said. "We're going to dispose of them."

[LA Times via Discovery News]

Top image of pig lungs via Wikimedia Commons