Sesame Street's Parody of True Blood Treats Vampires As Grouches

If there's one thing we know, it's that True Blood is a show for adults. So we 100% hope that no child has ever seen the show that this Sesame Street parody is based on. But if you were wondering if it was possible to nail this show without using any sex or violence, the answer is yes. But only with Muppets.


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Republican Vampire

This really depresses me.

Back when it first went on the air, part of the point of sesame street was that it was supposed to be aimed at urban kids, especially lower class and minority kids. Hence the urban setting, the multi-racial cast, the use of ethnically ambiguous muppets, etc.

Stuff like this, or the 30 Rock bit from years back, make it increasingly clear that the current target is basically all upper middle class and white all the time.