Seriously, Why Isn't Hogwarts Using All That Magic To Explore Space?

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We've all asked it at some point or another: if the wizards of the Harry Potter universe can conjure up such amazing miracles, why don't they use it to solve the energy crisis or explore the wonders of the universe? Boulet's latest webcomic dreams up all magical possibilities for the wizarding world.


Boulet is one of our favorite webcartoonists (he's also the genius behind the comics Kingdoms Lost, Darkness, and Paola-4), and in his latest comic, It's a Kind of Magic, he takes on a familiar fandom conversation with typical Boulet flair. Playing a young Hufflepuff student, Boulet questions why the Harry Potter wizards devote their energies to delightful candies and magical lighting fixtures when they could be doing so much to benefit humanity and explore the solar system. It's worth reading not only for the discussion, but also for the way Boulet visually mixes the progress he wants to see with the medieval-esque designs of J.K. Rowling's world.

It's a Kind of Magic [Boulet]

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I want to read the comic, but first I need Freddie Mercury to finish singing in my head...