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Seriously, Why Did Everybody Think This Movie Was So Scary?

Illustration for article titled Seriously, Why Did Everybody Think This Movie Was So Scary?

Sometimes a movie comes out and everybody says it's terrifying, so you go see it. And it's no big deal — maybe there's a jump scare or two, but basically you're unmoved. What is the worst offender in this category?


My pick is Insidious, which I know will make me unpopular — but what else is new? The whole story felt really predictable to me, and the Darth Maul/scary old lady monster didn't freak me out. I'm not saying the movie was horrible, but I wasn't scared. And it's not like I don't love cheesy horror — Paranormal Activity had me basically paralyzed with terror for at least an hour. Insidious just didn't give me the DANGER NOW alert in my animal brain.

Tell us about the supposedly scary movies that made you shrug. Include pictures, video, links, and your expert commentary!

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Celia the Vampire Slaying Vampire

Oh, for sure Insidious. And The Conjouring. And Sinister. All recent examples of, "shrug." They're just...kind of lifeless and unfun. Also, I am sick of Ed and Lorraine Warren-inspired anything. Their con artistry is scary. The movies based on their con artist stories aren't.