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Seriously, Though, Who Is Andy Serkis Playing In The New Star Wars?

Illustration for article titled Seriously, Though, Who Is Andy Serkis Playing In The New emStar Wars/em?

So, we've gotten a look at the cast list for the upcoming Star Wars, and put together a working theory on just what roles we can expect to see them in, but one question still remains: Just what is Andy Serkis doing?


So who do we think Serkis might be playing?


Serkis as a younger version of the emperor, probably a clone.

Matt McC

Andy Serkis: A WOOKIE.

Think about it. Andy Serkis as a wookie.

Or, like a drone or something.

Alexander Robles

Andy will be Yoda. Because fuck death.


Andy Serkis as Jar Jar's son. Best to prepare for the worst, I always say.


Andy Serkis is new Chewbacca/Jar-Jar alien sidekick character.


Andy Serkis as R2.

Commenter The Transporter comes in with our very favorite option of all:

Plot twist: Andy Serkis plays ALL THE OTHER CHARACTERS!

That Small Dark Voice

...and Mark Hamill voices them!

You can check out more theories on just how this cast of characters — whether Serkis or the other seven new characters — might fit together over here.


Image via Andy Serkis

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I really want him to be playing a human. Why? Because while the guy is AMAZING when it comes to working with the special effects folks, just once I want him to get a little face recognition, if that's cool with everyone (and if they pay him double, maybe we can get him in on some of the motion capture stuff too lol).