Seriously, These Opera Costumes Are The Most Insane Thing We've Seen in Ages

The San Francisco Opera is doing a production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute starting tomorrow, and the costumes are this astonishing late-1980s fantasia that just makes me want to watch classic MTV for the next 10 hours.

These images come via the SF Opera’s official photo gallery for The Magic Flute, and were taken by photographer Cory Weaver, and the designs are by Production Designer Jun Kaneko. See tons more photos at both of those links.


Here are a few more of our favorite images from the show. As my friend Liz put it, “it was like the 80s barfed all over the Illuminati.” With a side order of Orientalism and Freemasonry. What else do you need?


[Thanks, Liz!]

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