Seriously, Hunger Games Marketing Department? Seriously?!

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So there’s a new The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II trailer out today, and it’s fascinating. It’s fascinating because it’s awful, and it’s awful because—well, well, to explain it would be to spoil a major moment in the movie, but even just watching this trailer could spoil you! So unless you’ve read the books (or just don’t care about spoilers) stop reading here.


Okay, you’ve been warned. Here’s the newest Mockingjay Part II trailer. See if you can pick up on some of the subtle foreshadowing in it:

This isn’t a trailer; it’s an “In Memoriam” video for Katniss’ sister Prim, which is problematic if only because the character hasn’t actually died in the movies yet. Fans know that Prim is a casualty of the revolution’s final battle, and it has some major consequences for Katniss and Panem. It’s a shocking moment in the books, and it’ll probably be less shocking for those who watch this trailer—which is somewhat tellingly named “For Prim”—and see virtually all of Prim’s previous scenes from the movies, set to some somber pop music, the entirely of which practically screams Prim is doomed as hell. And that’s before the caption which reads “HER SACRIFICE IS THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE.”


Look, I know a lot of people have read the books already, but this... this is crazy. This is about as subtle as a Tracker Jacker in your pants. Anyone who watches this would have to realize—or at least, highly, highly suspect—that Prim is a goner. And why? For what? Fans don’t need to be reminded of what happens; they’re all going to see the movie anyway. And for those poor souls who are watching the movies without ever having read the books, this spoils one of the most pivotal, heartbreaking moments in the entire series.

You know, we all complain about trailers that seem like they spoil an entire movie, but this is the first trailer I’ve seen that spoilers one, specific, major moment. I... I don’t think it’s an improvement, guys.

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I mean, it was pretty telegraphed in the books too, right?




Honestly, by the time we got to her death in the books, the whole thing had gone so sideways bonkers, I didn’t even really feel it. I felt like it was supposed to elicit some kind of feeling, but the blitzkrieg of horrifying deaths that had preceeded it just sort of sucked all the impact out of it. Oh, Prim just got blown up? Finnick was ripped apart by giant lizard monsters, sooooooo....