Seriously, how many rows of teeth does a horror-movie monster need?

Check out this totally insane concept art for Creature, a new indie horror movie coming to U.S. theaters today. Creature is about a monster called Lockjaw — and the reason for the name should be pretty obvious.

The movie's tagline is: "Terror has teeth." Which is kind of an understatement.


Seriously, how many rows of teeth does this thing have? And how much flossing is required to keep them tartar-free? They should just call him the Liefeld Monster. All tooth-related kidding aside, though, this does look pretty sweet. In an exclusive interview (plus more concept art), Fangoria talks to the director, who explains that Creature is about the monster chasing some kids around a swamp — but the monster has a personality and intelligence, and isn't just a mindless killing machine.

Here's the movie's trailer:

Creature is in theaters today. [Fangoria]

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