Let me give you a little hint and a half. If some super hot cyborg chick is about to blow you, and then tells you not to call her a bitch, you obey. Out of courtesy, and self-preservation.

This is one of the best destructo-scenes from early 1990s flick Eve of Destruction, which features the nuke-hearted creation of a mad scientist who made one small miscalculation when building her AI. She decided to base its mind on her own, without getting therapy first. And our mad scientist was, sadly, raped by dudes who called her a bitch. Which makes the cyborg who inherited her memories a little, well, sensitive.

Of course, who wouldn't be sensitive when that dude says, "Say hellooooooo." Gross!

When the cyborg escapes the lab, with a thermonuclear device in her heart, she's just trying to explore. But then these asswipes remind her of the whole bitch thing, and she goes on a mission of revenge. Which could end in mega-explosions. Starring the awesome Gregory Hines as the cop who has to reel in the damaged bot, this is actually a pretty good twist on the standard cyborg flick. Plus there are sleazy beard dudes who get it right where it counts.

Eve of Destruction via IMDB