This makes three. Three Robin Hood movies. Unless he's a cartoon fox, I'm out.

This time, Joby Harold, the same guy writing the giant multi-part King Arthur epic for Guy Ritchie, is writing a "gritty" version of Robin Hood called Robin Hood: Origins. Which is bound to give people X-Men: Origins flashbacks. His peers are Disney's Nottingham and Hood by Brandon Barker and the pitch by Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott that Sony bought.


People developing competing projects based on the same idea happens a lot. And Deadline reports that Sony may try to narrow the field by buying Harold's and folding it into the one they're already making. But there are other studios who may offer a better deal, so who knows? Three Robin Hood movies, when we thought that Russell Crowe had made a pretty convincing argument for taking it slow on that character.