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Newsarama sat down with Dwayne McDuffie, the wonderful writer of animated series Ben 10: Alien Force and the Justice League to talk all things alien, the Doctor Who influences in Ben and what happened to Max Tennyson. But more interesting was the cat-and-mouse game McDuffie played with Newsarama, when they asked if this would be the final season of Ben 10: Alien Force. Usually when there's that much resistance, a series' end may not be far away, which is sad as Ben 10 is a delightfully well-written and animated series. UPDATE: Sounds like the noncommittal answers were not as devious as they soundedNewsarama took two runs at getting McDuffie to spill the goods, so much so that they hilariously had to point out that the PR person was mostly likely sweating bullets on the other end of the line. After talking about the amazing upcoming "High Breed" story arc (with a few two-parter episodes which scream series end) Newsarama tried to pry the goods out.

DM: It’s a huge story arc. The first 26 episodes are one giant story. Episodes that look like they are one-offs aren’t. Either thematically or as far as works in progress every single episode builds towards the two-parter ending, which is probably in a way the most complex story I’ve done in animation. NRAMA: So how long are we really talking about. Three season? Five season? DM: Two seasons. 26 episodes. Then last 13 are just starting. By the time we get to the end of this run, it’s a complete story. NRAMA: Are you hoping to do more or move on? DM: Gee. I don’t know. There’s a PR person listening in and nothing has been officially announced. So I can’t really say. Are you on the phone? CN PR PERSON: I am...and I can’t say I’m appreciating this right now... ... NRAMA: So would you say your work on Ben 10 is done for the moment? DM: I’m not sure how to answer that. Oh! You’re re-asking the question I couldn’t answer before! (laughs). NRAMA: Well, just doing my job. DM: Let’s just say if there is more Ben 10, I’d be happy to work on it.


Ooh, sounds like things may be wrapping up for Ben and friends. For the rest of the interview check out Newsarama (apparently they were inspired by a lot of Dr. Who time traveling). UPDATE: Looks like Newsarama spoke too soon, Ben 10 is indeed returning in 2009, even with a live-action move to follow.

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