The TV series may have been cancelled far too early and the movie didn't exactly set the box office on fire, but that doesn't mean that the crew of the Serenity aren't having new adventures out there somewhere in this vast universe of ours. In fact, their latest heist is already in progress (and already going wrong) literally only a click of the mouse away.


Serenity: The Other Half continues the twin traditions of working with Joss Whedon (the company publishes the Buffy Season 8 series, and has also put out a couple of earlier Serenity series) and also putting Whedon-related content in their free online anthology, Dark Horse Presents (In addition to featuring the first appearance of Dr. Horrible's Captain Hammer last month, the anthology started with a brand new Whedon creation, Sugarshock). The short strip, written by Jim Krueger and illustrated by Will Conrad, also acts as a preview to a brand new Serenity comic due at the end of the year, The Shepherd's Tale, by the same creators. Serenity: The Other Half [Dark Horse Presents]